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Certified Legal Nurse Consultants
Certified Legal Nurse Consultants are Registered Nurses with first-hand knowledge of the complexities of healthcare. This real-world experience, coupled with legal nurse certification, gives attorneys a competitive edge
  1. Cost Effective
    Cost Effective
    At a fraction of the cost of an MD, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant has the expertise to thoroughly review medical records, provide summaries, and perform research.
  2. Time Savings
    Time Savings
    With a healthcare expert on the case, you can focus on legal matters and gain the freedom to take on additional cases. Certified Legal Nurse Consultants efficiently decipher healthcare language and identify important missing elements.
  3. Team Player
    Team Player
    A mix of professionals typically handle the medical issues of a case, including paralegals, nurses and MDs. When the workload is immense, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant supplementing the team's efforts can provide the best on-time result.
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